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Our Story

The idea of Paris-Babies came to life after one of our founder, Bella, came back from a summer holiday trip in Paris. Once she came back to New York, she called one of her closest friend and asked her to meet urgently for coffee at their usual Cafe. Both of them expecting their baby at around the same time, she had to tell her about her recent trip, and more specifically about the French mums of Paris. She started telling her how every mother walking their baby on the Champs-Élysées and under the Tour Eiffel had this type of egg shaped stroller, how elegant and gracious these French mums were, and how here in America, we never really see anything like it. She realised the French-touch was still very well and truly alive, and was determined to have some of it.

Both being 3 months pregnant, they had started shopping around for strollers in shops around New York, but were always left unsatisfied. After the Paris trip, Bella and her friend decided to extend their research online, and started to go on a journey to find the French-style Baby Stroller she had madly fallen in love with. A stroller that had all the necessary functionalities a mum could ever need, without compromising style and elegance.

On their search for a luxury European-style baby stroller, they stumbled on some of the already established classic brands, but nothing really felt like what she had seen. And what felt like the closest were all well in the higher $2000 price range, which was well over her budget. 

So Bella and her friend had an idea and a realisation. If they were searching for such a stroller, they could not possibly be the only ones. Many soon-to-be mothers were probably looking for the same type of prams, and probably most of them were also left disappointed at the lack of quality luxurious strollers on the market, that looked like what celebrities would buy, without the excessive price tag. 

From this realisation, Paris-Babies was born. Bella and her friend decided to go on a quest to find the stroller of their dream, and bring the French Style of Parisian Mothers to all. Thinking of what strategy they could use to source and manufacture these specific type of strollers while keeping the price to its minimum, they decided to get directly in touch with manufacturers and set out a plan for business which would allow every soon-to-be mother to afford the Chic of La Douce France and walk their babies in the most Luxurious and Practical strollers they ever could dream of.

Soon after this, the Parisian line of strollers was born. From the very chic Parisian Baby Stroller to the full 3-in-1 Parisian Supreme Travel System, and the addition to our range of classy chic nappy backpacks, Bella is proud to bring Paris-Babies to the new mums of the online world, and provide everything all mothers striving for Chic and Elegance could ever want.